Global Alliances


WTS maintains strategic alliances with colleagues and consulting groups in Europe, Canada, and Australia.  These organizations collaborate with WTS for case consultation and training.

Team Psychologie & Sicherheit located in Germany and directed by Dr. Jens Hoffman, is a leading European provider of threat assessment , case management, and training, providing services to corporations, governmental agencies, schools, and public figures. Dr. Hoffman and WTS’s Dr. Stephen White collaborate on workplace and campus violence prevention training in Europe.

Van der Meer Investigative Psychologists is based in the Netherlands, providing threat assessment services and training to businesses, law enforcement, and governmental agencies. The director, Bram van der Meer, is a clinical psychologist who served for eleven years in the Netherlands National Police Service, providing expertise and training related to offender profiling, investigations, and interrogation techniques. His experience includes consultation to the Netherlands Royal Family and involvement in establishing the National Threat Management Center.  Mr. van der Meer’s consultation to corporations includes assessments and training on problematic behavior in the workplace, threats and stalking, corruption, fraud, false allegations, harassment, and pre-employment screening of applicants filling high-risk or sensitive positions.

TAMTAC is a consulting group based in Alberta serving all of Canada with threat assessment services and training to major organizations and agencies. Principals Steve Burton and Gwyn Allin bring extensive backgrounds in law enforcement investigations, forensic psychology, criminology, and workplace violence interventions. TAMTAC offers an introductory WAVR-21 training under the sponsorship of Drs. White and Meloy.

Code Black Threat Management is located in Australia and was founded by Dr. Lisa Warren, a clinical and forensic psychologist. Dr. Warren is the President of the Australasian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (AATAP) and is regarded as a leading expert in the management of explicit threats. She has published extensively on this topic and on broader issues in the field of stalking and threat management. Code Black is a leading provider of threat management services in Australia in both the public and private sectors.