Initiating Consultation

When You Contact Us for a Case Consultation: Making inquiries and intakes more efficient

In providing initial assistance to a client, our consultants will benefit from having available, to the extent of current knowledge, responses to the following:

  • Identifying information about the individual of concern
    • age
    • sex
    • job title and duties or academic status
    • length of service or time with the organization
    • if an outsider, the basis for his or her relationship to the organization, for example, a customer, former employee or student, or the intimate partner of an employee
  • Family or personal situation
    • marital status
    • number and ages of children
    • residence locale
  • What is the individual doing or communicating that is raising concern about violence or risk of harm to self?
  • Is the individual facing, or has he or she recently experienced, some serious setback, such as a job termination or personal rejection or loss?
  • What do you know about an apparent explanation for the subject’s behavior? – his or her “grievance”, motive, problematic or bizarre thinking or perceptions, etc.
  • Whatever else you think is relevant for us to know

Case intakes are usually conducted by Drs. White or Brunton, although other consultants may become involved in the work, especially to meet geographic needs or to include specialized expertise.