Crisis Intervention or Urgent Calls: (415) 398-8681computer and hands

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WTS professionals are on call 24 hours a day for crisis assistance. This service is generally provided either by Dr. Philip Saragoza or Dr. Jolee Brunton.

WTS general inquiries:

Dr. Philip Saragoza, President:

Dr. Jolee Brunton, Senior Consultant:

Sandy Ryan, Business Manager:

Lisa Ekstrom, Business Coordinator:

Additional WTS contact information:

General Mailing Address:

Work Trauma Services Inc.
2625 Alcatraz Ave., #603
Berkeley, CA 94705

Individual consultants have more direct addresses – Please inquire. Please do not mail or fax case-related materials until your WTS consultant has directed you to the proper destinations for such documents.

For other general inquiries, information about fees, and to reach staff members by voice mail:

Telephone: (415) 398-8681

Fax: (734) 212-8570

Our other associates may be reached by contacting WTS at the above addresses or phone numbers.

Our Service Agreement is available as an Adobe PDF file for clients. New clients may contact their consultant, or our business office for a password. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free download at