Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable in human interaction and organizational life, and necessary for the genesis of growth and development.  Naturally and with routine success, everyone engages in some form of conflict and dispute resolution nearly every day.  It is unrecognized and poorly managed conflict that fosters negative, destructive, and costly outcomes.

Employers benefit from more practical and less costly alternatives than traditional legal methods to resolving serious differences in the workplace.   Historically WTS has helped hundreds of employers successfully assess and manage workplace trauma, threats of violence, and entrenched problem employee situations.  Interpersonal and workgroup conflict is a breeding ground for traumatic and/or threatening situations.

Dr. Jolee Brunton directs WTS’s Conflict Management Services, designed to identify, assess, and resolve critical workplace differences.  WTS works in concert with our clients’ human resources and legal professionals to tailor interventions most appropriate for each situation.

Services include:

  • Direct Intervention with Disputants:  At client’s direction, WTS professionals conduct interviews with involved parties, provide problem analysis, facilitate solution-directed dialogue, define a mutually agreeable plan of action, and structure follow-up.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Program Development:  WTS, Inc. will design, develop, and assist clients with the implementation of an internal dispute resolution program as an alternative to formal grievance processes or litigation.
  • Executive / Manager / Employee Coaching:  WTS works one-on-one with key organizational members hindered by counterproductive interpersonal styles.
  • Conflict Management Skills Training:  WTS offers training for executives, managers and employee relations representatives in anger management, dealing with difficult employees and bullying, facilitative listening, and alternate dispute resolution.

WTS’s approach to conflict management benefits from our:

  • Extensive experience with a full range of organizational conflicts from minor disputes to life-threatening situations
  • Solid clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating serious psychological and interpersonal problems
  • Professional assessment of individual personality styles matched with appropriate interventions
  • Realistic appraisals of resolution potential
  • Practical, brief interventions designed to fit the client’s needs and goals