Case Study: The Isla Vista Campus Community Mass Murder

A case study is presented of a 22-year-old student mass murderer who stabbed or shot
to death 6 college students and wounded 14 others. Because he left a lengthy autobiographical
“manifesto” and social media posts, and an extensive law enforcement
investigation ensued, a significant amount of information exists to examine the case.

Workplace Violence: Practical Considerations for Mental Health Professionals in Consultation, Assessment, and Management of Risk

In the 1980s, a series of shootings by disgruntled US postal workers and other
employees focused media attention on acts of violence in the workplace. Over the
past 3 decades, researchers have shed light onto the types of violence that occur in
the workplace, the characteristics of individuals who engage in workplace violence,
and the contextual factors that may escalate or mitigate the risk of violence.