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Upcoming Workshops In 2017 with
the New WAVR-21 Third Edition

Drs. Stephen White and Reid Meloy will conduct their two-day workshop on

The Assessment and Management of Workplace & Campus Violence Risk

November 30th to December 1st Mountain View, CA
Hosted by Intuit

This dynamic two-day workshops offer a blend of didactic and video case presentations, case vignette practice, and focused discussion of common issues.  Topics addressed include targeted violence dynamics, the “pathway to violence”, stalking, mental illness and violence, intimate partner violence, psychopathy and bullying, and the lone actor terrorist, as these are encountered in workplace and campus contexts. As always we will include updates on research and recent, illuminating cases.

Attendees will be thoroughly acquainted with the “WAVR-21 V3” -the Worksheet and “Grid”, a new comprehensive Intake and Documentation form, and how to integrate the WAVR-21 into dynamic threat case management.

Who may attend: The workshop is open to members of threat management teams – typically representatives from corporate and campus security, legal, human resources/labor relations, mental health, student judicial affairs, residence deans, campus police, and EAP. Welcome also are other law enforcement and forensic and mental health professionals interested in improving their violence risk assessment skills.  

Registration: To register for any of these workshops contact Dr. Stephen White: swhite@wtsglobal.com

Mountain View FAQ

Discounts: Early bird registration and ATAP/CATAP member discounts will be offered for all workshops.

Do you need a WAVR-21 manual for the training?:The WAVR-21 3rd edition manual is now available for purchase as a paper manual, or as part of The WAVR-21 Threat Assessment App. Attendees are encouraged to purchase beforehand and bring their copy of the new manual, or a previous edition of the WAVR-21. The 3rd edition manual can be purchased directly from the publisher by going to http://specializedtraining.com. It is not essential or required to have a manual to benefit from the training. Handouts of the WAVR-21 forms are provided in the training. Manuals will not be available for purchase at the workshop.

The WAVR-21 Threat Assessment App is available for licensing to business organizations, education and healthcare institutions and governmental agencies.

The license is currently issued by the developer, Resolver, and consists of an annual, per user fee.

For pricing and to request a live, 1-on-1 demo of the app, click here to visit Resolver’s website.

IHTA coverNow Available:

International Handbook of Threat Assessment

Edited by Reid Meloy and Jens Hoffmann.

Stephen White’s chapter on workplace violence includes a case study application of the WAVR-21.

Published by Oxford University Press.

This exciting new text offers a number of excellent chapters by expert contributors. Risk topics include school and campus violence, intimate partners, bioterrorism, public figures, stalking, honor-based violence, electronic and anonymous threats.  Threat management methods will be addressed in a section on operations.

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